Faculty Engagement Workshops

It is often easier to engage faculty in modifying graduate admissions policies and procedures if the discussions are faculty-driven, but facilitated by teams of experts from outside the university.

In collaboration with Maverick and Boutique, we have developed a 4-hour interactive workshop that assists faculty, students and administrators in designing admissions strategies that are tailor-made for their institutions and programs.

The workshop is facilitated using Zing, a technology that allows up to ten groups of 6 participants to discuss and answer questions relevant to graduate admissions in their institution. Each group posts its answer and all answers appear simultaneously on a screen. The group then identifies patterns in responses and comes up with a consensus answer to the question. A series of questions and answers leads the faculty to a consensus that can then be used to design new admissions policies and procedures.

See the results of one such session.

For more information about the workshop, please contact Sandra Petersen.